Why Coaching?

An Agile framework gets people excited about a better way of accomplishing goals and delivering product. But, old habits and mindset have a way of re-exerting themselves.

That’s where an Agile Coach can be an effective tool to accelerate the product cycle.

For organizations just transitioning to an Agile environment, coaching is an excellent way of instilling best practices across the teams and organization—and nipping those pesky bad habits in the bud.

For organizations that have long practiced Agility, a coach can help address practices and habits that have crept into the corporate culture but are hampering Agility and excellence. 

Onsite coaching with Apple Brook provides individualized, specific, and confidential support, input, and change. Coaches provide real-time feedback in the native work environment, making the feedback and redirection more effective than off-site training.

One size never fits all, and that holds true with coaching. Apple Brook coaches won’t foist a generic set of rules on you. Instead, our coaches take the time to learn your business needs, the players and the process, and then facilitate improvement. They have done this in organizations as diverse as General Electric and the IRS.

The end result? An organization that exemplifies best practices in Agile and is reaping the results—results that show on the bottom line.

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