Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions apply to ALL courses offered by Apple Brook Consulting®  There are also specific details associated with the Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM) and Certified Scrum Product Owner® (CSPO) courses.  Registration in any course offered by Apple Brook Consulting® is indication of acceptance of these terms.

Refund Policy   more

If registration is cancelled from the time of registration up to two weeks before the first day of class,
75% of the registration fee will be refunded.

If registration is cancelled from two weeks before class up to one week before the first day of class,
25% of the registration fee will be refunded.

There will be NO REFUNDS issued within one week

prior to the first day of class.


As part of the course registration fee, students are able to take the CSM Exam up to TWO (2) times, as noted on the Scrum Alliance website.  Each subsequent attempt requires payment of an additional $25.  Students of Apple Brook Consulting’s CSM courses have a 99.4% pass rate for the CSM exam on the first attempt.  ALL students to date who have taken the exam the second time have passed.

Because Apple Brook Consulting is so dedicated to our students’ success and based of our solid track record (only 18 students have required a second try on the exam out of 2925)…

WE GUARANTEE that you will pass the CSM Exam on the first or second try

or we will pay for the additional fee to take the exam a third time!!!

To be clear, Apple Brook Consulting does not actually grant you the Certified Scrum Master® (CSM) certification.  The certification is earned by the student through passing the exam.  Our guarantee applies to our efforts to prepare you for the exam and our offer to pay for any attempts beyond the first two, which are included in your registration fee.

CSM Exam   more

 Because students take the exam on the second day when selecting Apple Brook Consulting® for their class, they leave the course as a fully fledged Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM), not just a candidate for CSM.  Apple Brook Consulting® provides support to ensure they are able to: log-in, access the CSM exam, and ultimately earn their certification in a timely manner.

For more information about the CSM Exam, please see: Becoming A Certified ScrumMaster.

Students must attain a passing score on the CSM Exam to complete the certification (currently 24/35). Thus, while Apple Brook Consulting® attempts to position each student for success through the classroom prep and experience and is there to support you through the process of taking the test, actually passing the exam is dependent upon each student’s abilities and performance.

Learning Objectives   more

The CSM and CSPO are Scrum specific courses. While we may make mention of other frameworks, values, principles, practices, methodologies, etc. the goal of these classes is to learn about the ScrumMaster role and the Product Owner role for Scrum in accordance with the respective Content Outline and Learning Objectives required by the Scrum Alliance.

The goal of these classes is not to solve each student’s issues in their organization. Rather, the classes will instill values, principles, and practices that enable every student to be a change agent in their organization; i.e. to creatively develop solutions to the problems that Scrum practices surface.

The instructor reserves the right to declare questions outside the scope of this class at his discretion.

What Else Do I Get?   more

•  Two Days Of Intensive Training And Coaching On Agile Values, Principles, And Practices – All Apple Brook Consulting trainers and coaches have a minimum of 25 years experience in Information Technology and other various industries, as well as, a minimum of 10 years experience with Agile practices, Agile adoption, and organizational development.  The list of Fortune 100, Fortune 500, and Government organizations represented is massive and impressive.

•  Comprehensive Workbook and Reference Manual – Apple Brook Consulting has spend countless hours over the last 5 years refining the course materials and augmenting the workbook so that you leave the class with a valuable reference resource including articles, glossary, and many other elements.  

•  REAL WORLD AGILITY: Practical Guidance For Agile Practitioners – Beginning January 2017, students who select one of Daniel Gullo’s classes with Apple Brook Consulting will receive a free copy of Daniel Gullo’s book REAL WORLD AGILITY.  The book includes practical advice, tips, tricks, case studies, testimonials, and a comprehensive glossary from Daniel’s 10+ years of experience coaching and training organizations on Agile practices.

•  Free Coaching – When students take a Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM) Course with Apple Brook Consulting®, they also receive FREE coaching beyond the class.  If a student has questions or a need for light mentoring/coaching, they can contact ABC via Email and we will respond within 2-3 days.  If the effort is more involved, ABC may recommend additional coaching / mentoring time on a paid basis.  

•  Free Networking / Career Help – All students are sent a LinkedIn connection request from Daniel Gullo so that the student can become part of the support network that Daniel and ABC provide.  Students are sent an invitation to the Apple Brook Consulting® private group on LinkedIn.

•  Core Agility Newsletter – Students are automatically signed up for the Apple Brook Consulting® monthly newsletter which features articles, tips, tricks, etc. and regional course announcements.  If a student does not want to receive these, they may opt-out by clicking “Unsubscribe” at the bottom of any Email at any time.

Electronic Devices   more

Because the certification requirements set forth by the Scrum Alliance require TWO (2) FULL DAYS of classroom instruction, two (2) full days of participation in class are necessary and required. Therefore, electronics may ONLY be used at appointed break times. If a student does not adhere to this rule, they will be asked to leave the class.  No refunds or certifications will be granted.  Any student who is asked to leave may reschedule at a time when they can devote the necessary time and attention to the course.  An additional surcharge will be added to cover logistical costs incurred.  There will be no wifi access provided other than during the CSM exam for CSM courses.

Absence   more

Because the certification requirements set forth by the Scrum Alliance require TWO (2) FULL DAYS of classroom instruction, NO CLASS TIME may be missed during these two days.  

If a student misses ANY class time for any reason, they not be permitted to continue.

Any student who is unable to meet the attendance requirements may reschedule at a time when they can devote the necessary time and attention to the course. We understand that occasionally circumstances arise that impact a student’s ability to continue or even begin the class.  Apple Brook Consulting is willing to reschedule the student for any other course that Apple Brook offers at a time when the student can attend the full course.

An additional surcharge will be added to cover logistical costs incurred.

Class Work Products and Other Artifacts   more

Anything created or shared by the attendees in class becomes the property of the instructor and Apple Brook Consulting.  These work products and artifacts may be used freely by the instructor or Apple Brook Consulting® for marketing and training purposes.

Photographs and/or video may be captured during the class for training and marketing purposes. The ownership of these materials remains with the instructor and Apple Brook Consulting®.  Usage of these materials is solely at the discretion of the instructor and Apple Brook Consulting®.

Course Location / Venue   more

Because we deal with third-party companies to provide the venue for our training (e.g. hotels, training centers, etc.) and because the venue contract policies for these facilities are not Agile in nature, the location given in the course listing is tentative.  The actual location may be the location listed or it may be somewhere else within the greater metro area listed.  In any case, the course will not be greater than 30 miles from the posted location.  Life is about change.  Agile is about embracing change.  There will be NO REFUNDS based on change of venue.

Class Cancellation   more

From time to time, Apple Brook Consulting may find it necessary to cancel a class, e.g. due to illness, insufficient number of students, force majeure, etc.  Apart from these rare circumstances beyond the control of Apple Brook Consulting, our classes are “GUARANTEED TO RUN”.  In the very rare event that a class is cancelled, Apple Brook Consulting will offer the student the option of moving to another class or receiving a full refund for the class registration fee, which will be processed immediately upon demand.  All other costs incurred are the student’s responsibility.  Refunds are issued in a timely manner by Apple Brook Consulting but are subject to the policies and timelines of the payment processor (e.g. Paypal, Eventbrite, etc.)

Co-Instructor   more

From time to time, Apple Brook Consulting works with aspiring trainers who will be teaching portions of the class.  In some rare cases, when the aspiring trainer has reached the level when they are ready to become a fully-fledged CST, Apple Brook Consulting may allow the co-instructor to teach the entire class with our Certified Scrum Trainer® (CST) providing additional commentary and input.  This has no effect on the certification process for the course nor the experience for the student.

Acceptance   more

Agreement to these terms is indicated by the student’s registration for the respective class(es); i.e. if you buy a ticket, it indicates that you agree to the terms.  Don’t buy a ticket if you don’t agree with these terms, please.

Also, if you are purchasing on behalf of someone else, it is YOUR responsibility to communicate these Terms and Conditions to the actual registrant for the class.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What do these classes cover?   more

Both the Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM) and Certified Scrum Product Owner® (CSPO) adhere strictly to the Content Outline and Learning Objectives (COaLOs) from the Scrum Alliance for the respective certifications.  The instructor has also included helpful information that supports, compliments, and augments the COaLOs.  All material covered is included at the instructor’s discretion.

Will we talk about…   more


Only briefly and at a high level. The class is focused on Scrum itself as a set of practices. In keeping with the Agile Manifesto, we favor: Individuals and interactions OVER processes and tools

Distributed Teams

Only briefly and at a high level. In keeping with the Agile Manifesto: The most efficient and effective method of conveying information to and within a development team is face-to-face conversation.


Scaling involves application of various practices within Scrum across an entire organization. It also requires knowledge of many supporting disciplines and concepts outside the scope of just Scrum itself. The scope of the COaLOs for this course apply to only a single Scrum Team for a single product which is the size suitable for a single Scrum Team.

My Organization

Only briefly and at a high level. We will entertain as many questions as possible and provide opportunities for sharing about your organization. However, given that there may be 15-30 other organizations represented in the classroom, we won’t have time to focus solely on saving any one person’s issues.  If you are interested in a class that would focus EXCLUSIVELY on your organization while learning the CSM and CSPO concepts, please contact us about holding a private, onsite training course.

Which class should I take?   more

Anyone who is interested in learning Agile / Scrum fundamentals (and understanding the role and responsibilities of the ScrumMaster) should take the CSM class. ScrumMasters are NOT simply “Agile Project Managers”.

In fact, the Product Owner role is often a better fit for existing Project Managers because many of the current activities of a traditional PM overlap with Product Owner responsibilities.

The CSPO class is also a must-have for those who are currently in the role of Product Manager.

If you know for a fact that you will be assuming the role of ScrumMaster, then you would be wise to take BOTH the CSM and CSPO since a big portion of your responsibility as ScrumMaster is to coach Product Owners as well as the Development Team.

Are there still seats available?   more

Unless the class shows “Closed” or “Sold Out”, there are still seats available. There may be no more seats available at the discounted price. However, there is usually no limit to the number of students for each class other than what the venue can accommodate.  Please don’t call or write simply to ask if there are still seats available… please.  🙂  Just sign-up!!

How many students will be in the class?   more

Typical class size for the United States ranges between 10-30 students with the average somewhere around 15. Class sizes in India range between 30-60 with the average somewhere around 45. As with most things in life, students often delay until the last possible moment to register for the class. If you are concerned about reserving a seat, it is recommended that you reserve early.

Can I get a discount?   more

Apple Brook Consulting® (ABC) offers a No-Haggle discount to the first 5 students for most classes.  Once the first 5 spots have been filled, the full price is in effect. Registrations less than 48 hours before the start of class are subject to the full price.  Apple Brook Consulting® (ABC) also offers group discounts to organizations sending a large number of students.  NOTE:  Some courses are produced and promoted by partners of Apple Brook Consulting® (ABC).  For these classes, Apple Brook Consulting® (ABC) has no control over the pricing or discounts.  All prices include all requisite Scrum Alliance fees for the first renewal cycle (registration, test fees, etc.).  Please do NOT call asking for other discounts.

Veterans and Active Duty Military

As a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small BusinessApple Brook Consulting® (ABC) proudly supports those who have served and/or are serving in the armed forces of the United States.  Our courses offer various special discounts to Veterans and Active Duty Military.  Please see each course listing for details.  To qualify, send us a copy of your DD214 or Active Duty Military ID and our staff will ensure that you receive the discount.  Most of all, THANK YOU for your service, brothers and sisters!!!


Apple Brook Consulting® (ABC) does not currently offer a discount to unemployed individuals beyond the No-Haggle Price.


Apple Brook Consulting® (ABC) does not currently offer a discount to students beyond the No-Haggle Price.


Contact Apple Brook Consulting® (ABC) for details on ways we can tailer training for your group of six or more.

Early Bird

Apple Brook Consulting® (ABC)  offers a No-Haggle price price for the first 5 registrants to a class.  This is subject to change at any time without notification.


Apple Brook Consulting® (ABC) does not currently offer a discount to prior students or students registering for multiple classes.

As a former student, what do I get for referring someone to your class?   more

There is a whole list of benefits you receive as an alumni of an Apple Brook Consulting® (ABC) class:  free coaching, free newsletter, access to a closed network of job seekers and employers, and much more.

If you really liked the class, then you also get the satisfaction of saying “Thank you!” by telling others about Apple Brook Consulting® (ABC) and the satisfaction of helping someone else out in their Agile journey by recommending an instructor that you trust and enjoyed.   🙂

What materials are provided?   more

Both the CSM and CSPO provide a workbook that includes reference materials, fill-in-the blanks, area for taking notes, etc.  Other incidental supplies are also provided; such as Post-it notes, pens, pipe cleaners (optional), etc.  

Currently, there are no slides for the course.  On occasion, the trainer may use a slide deck, which is mostly a collection of photographs with title headings.  Material that is shown on the slides is echoed in the workbook; so, please don’t ask for a copy of the slides.  Thanks!

What should I wear to class?   more

Some kind of modest clothing… please.  🙂

Because the classes involve moving around and are all-day long courses, students should plan to wear very comfortable, casual clothing so that there is no restriction of movement.  Temperatures can be extreme so make sure to bring a sweater if you get cold easily or wear very light clothing if you are typically warm. 

The instructor frequently wears shorts, t-shirt, and sandals/flip-flops to class to ensure comfort and to create a very casual, easy-going, welcoming learning environment.  Please don’t come in a business suit or other formal business wear.  There is really no need for that and there is a chance you will mess up your nice clothes.  You will also end up making EVERYONE uncomfortable.  🙂  Let’s have FUN!!

What food is provided?   more

Apple Brook Consulting allows students to make their own lunch, snack, and beverage arrangements.

Because each person is different and has different needs, wants, and desires and because there are typically 15-30+ people in our classes, it is nearly impossible to please everyone.  

Therefore, if you want coffee, bring coffee; if you want ice tea, bring ice tea; if you want water, bring water; etc.   Each student is responsible for their own food.  

What are the pre-requisites for the class?   more

There are no pre-requisites for the CSM or CSPO. However, there is pre-course “homework” in terms of a reading assignment. This is to help students prepare themselves for the discussions and material covered in class. The homework is not absolutely mandatory but strenuously encouraged. The values and principles of Agile and practices of Scrum are very simple, but not easy. The more exposure a student can get reinforces the concepts in their minds.

Does the course provide PDUs?   more

Yes. The Project Management Institute (PMI) has determined that the CSM and CSPO are worth 16 PDUs due to the fact that the Scrum Alliance has issued a position on these courses as containing “2 full days” of instruction which constitute 16 Scrum Education Units (SEU).  The PMI PDUs would be listed under Category B as self-reported, continuing education courses. 

Normally, 1 SEU = 1 contact hour of instruction, except that the CSM and CSPO have been specifically deemed to be 16 SEUs. Normally, 1 PDU = 1 contact hour of instruction, except in this case.

How do I log PDUs?   more

PDUs should be logged under Category B in PMI’s Continuing Certification Requirements System (CCRS). This is a self-reported category which will require the student to enter the information themselves rather than finding the information in a dropdown box in CCRS. Instructions and guidance on using CCRS are available on the PMI website.

Does the course provide SEUs?   more

Yes. The Scrum Alliance (SA) has determined that the CSM and CSPO are each worth 16 SEUs due to the fact that course requires “2 full days” of instruction. Normally, 1 SEU = 1 contact hour of instruction. However, SA has specifically allocated 16 SEUs to these courses.

How do I log SEUs?   more

Currently, SEUs are only being used to determine eligibility for the Certified Scrum Professional (CSP) certification. More information can be found by visiting the CSP page on the Scrum Alliance website. This includes how to log your SEUs in the Scrum Alliance system.

When should I arrive at class?   more

The course starts at 8:00 AM sharp, students should plan to arrive precisely at 7:45 AM so that they are not late. PLEASE DO NOT ARRIVE EARLIER THAN 7:45 AM.

What are the hours for the class?   more

All students should plan to be in the class from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.  There are no exceptions.  If you are unable to be in the class for the full length of the class, you may reschedule when you are able to be in attendance for entire 2 day class period.  NOTE: A service charge will apply when rescheduling your class for a different time.

I have a meeting that I need to dial-in to during the class…   more

If you are unable to reschedule or miss your other meetings/appointments, you are free to reschedule the class at a time when you can devote your complete attention for 2 full days.  If you miss class time due to a meeting or other reason, you will be dropped from the class.  You can reschedule the class at a time when you are able to devote your complete attention to the class.  NOTE: A service charge will apply when rescheduling your class for a different time.

How do I prepare for the Certified Scrum Professional® (CSP)?   more

The requirements for the Certified Scrum Professional® (CSP) are constantly being updated and changed. More information can be found by visiting the Path to CSP page on the Scrum Alliance website. This includes how to log your SEUs in the Scrum Alliance system and includes the other necessary elements to apply for CSP.