Entrepreneurial Spirit
Daniel James Gullo


An entrepreneur is someone who sees possibilities, opportunity, experiments to be run, and lessons to be learned and has the courage and motivation to do whatever it takes to be successful.

There is a popular saying: “Think globally, act locally.” In our world of work, we need to think about what our organization is trying to accomplish … the vision and purpose. Then do whatever is necessary to accomplish that vision.

In this talk, we will look at what it means to have an entrepreneurial spirit and how it is vital to the success of any organization and of ourselves as individuals.

This podcast episode is the audio of my keynote address at Scrum Gathering Bangalore.

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Daniel has been a well-known and highly regarded servant of the Agile community for many years.  His tireless dedication and effort has earned him the distinction of The Most Valuable Agile Professional award for 2015.

As founder and principal of Apple Brook Consulting®, he has first hand experience about what it takes to make business work.  A lifelong entrepreneur, Daniel’s portfolio of clients is long and distinguished:  ING Direct (CapitalOne), NAVTEQ, IRS, PayPal, ADP, US Postal Service, GM, US Treasury Department, T. Rowe Price, GE, and many other high-profile organizations.

He is the founder of and chief advisor to Agile Delaware and a frequent reviewer, volunteer, and speaker for the Scrum Alliance, Agile Alliance, PMI and other organizations.  His experience includes delivering keynote addresses for conferences such as Scrum Gathering – India; Scrum Gathering – Rio; Scrum Gathering – China; et al.