Happy New Year 2016!!
Daniel Gullo

In 2014, I left the proverbial nest to rebrand and relaunch my company: 

Apple Brook Consulting® (ABC)

In 2015, I learned some valuable lessons about flying…  As we end the year, Apple Brook has reached a healthy “cruising altitude” and is well on its way to becoming a leader in the industry. 

Never miss fantastic posts such as this one.

In 2016, it is time to set our sights on loftier goals as we soar to greater heights by expanding and growing as an organization!!

Introducing the New New Apple Brook Newsletter…

As part of this plan, the newsletter is receiving a formal title:  Core Agility 

The use of “core” has obvious significance associated with “apple”, which for us represents our focus and emphasis on LEARNING.  The outside of the apple is delicious, nourishing, refreshing but temporary.  The core holds the key to new growth, new life because the seeds of knowledge are located there.  The logo represents our We also embrace Simon Sinek’s model represented in his book “Start With Why” with the question of “Why?” being crucial to understanding purpose.  These are reflected in the new logo which is an abstract apple core with layers based on why, what, and how.  There is also a hint at a top-down, bottom-up, middle-out approach represented in the logo.

Overall, many practices and approaches in Agile while valuable and useful for some, are not a panacea for ALL that ails organizations and individuals.  Instead, a focus on establishing a solid core (like in yoga) would serve the organizations and individuals best.

Each month, we will feature a guest blogger from the community.  There will be other valuable additions in the months to come as well.  So stay tuned!!

To Our Supporters: Thank you!!

From the outset, when I decided to produce this newsletter, I chose to use MailChimp to manage the mailing list.  Even though it costs a little bit to maintain, I wanted to ensure that the list was managed well so that I don’t end up spamming people.  I am happy to say that as of the writing of this passage, we have over 3500 subscribers!!  With 24,000 followers on Twitter and 6,600 followers on LinkedIn, we have quite a large following!!

Thank you all so much for your kind words and support.  Each month, my inbox is filled with Emails of thanks for the inspiration and valuable information on classes, etc. 

I also receive the occasional Email notification that someone has unsubscribed.  At first, I was upset when people would unsubscribe, I took it personally and I wondered what I had done wrong.  Now, I am happy to see people unsubscribe because I certainly don’t want to force content on anyone if they don’t find it valuable.  It’s a sign that MailChimp is working well!!

Growth Mode

From the moment I made the announcement about Apple Brook Consulting® (ABC), I have been receiving many requests to join the company.  I have also received countless requests for help and work which I was unable to fulfill in 2015 because I was already completely booked!! 

In 2016, there will be various opportunities and openings that we will be sharing with the Agile community and beyond.  We feel confident that the brand will continue to become even stronger as a symbol of the valuable services that we provide.  The name of Apple Brook is already associated with great training and coaching services.  I am excited to see how this reputation expands in the new year.

Wishing You The Best!!
As we move forward into the new year, Apple Brook wishes everyone well!  Stay safe.  Have fun.  And always, always do your best.

Peace and blessings for the New Year!!

Daniel GulloDaniel Gullo Professional Headshots

Daniel has been a well-known and highly regarded servant of the Agile community for many years.  His tireless dedication and effort has earned him the distinction of The Most Valuable Agile Professional award for 2015.

As founder and principal of Apple Brook Consulting®, he has first hand experience about what it takes to make business work.  A lifelong entrepreneur, Daniel’s portfolio of clients is long and distinguished:  ING Direct (CapitalOne), NAVTEQ, IRS, PayPal, ADP, US Postal Service, GM, US Treasury Department, T. Rowe Price, GE, and many other high-profile organizations.

He is the founder of and chief advisor to Agile Delaware and a frequent reviewer, volunteer, and speaker for the Scrum Alliance, Agile Alliance, PMI and other organizations.  His experience includes delivering keynote addresses for conferences such as Scrum Gathering – India; Scrum Gathering – Rio; Scrum Gathering – China; et al.