How Twitter Broke My Heart
I used to love Twitter.  
Now, they have driven me away… forever.They suspended my account on December 10th.  Haven’t told me why.  Haven’t responded to any of my tickets or Emails.

If they reinstate my account, I might have a change of heart.  It’s difficult to be a supportive fan if you are not being allowed to.
Reluctantly, I may have to write-off 30,000 followers and start all over with another social media channel; one that doesn’t artificially limit the number of followers you can have or the number of people you want to follow and then try to justify it with ridiculous “logic” which defies all logic.If that account has been permanently banished, then there is no way in hell that I will ever return to Twitter.  Ever.  In fact, I will do my best and call on all the powers of dissuasion that I have to steer people away from Twitter;  not so much out of spite but more by way of public service and care for others.  I can’t consciously recommend a service that is so blatently ignorant to the needs of the customer as Twitter has been.  I feel a duty to share this story so that others don’t get similarly screwed by Twitter.

Maybe they are just too busy with the recent IPO.  (Or, maybe it’s a bunch of IPA that has everyone so disengaged and disinterested in providing a modicum of customer service…)  

Ultimately though, this stinks and I have been patient a nice for long enough now.  

You had your chance, Twitter.  Now I am mad.

You encourage people to follow tons of other users and then you turn around and penalize people for following too man.

AND, I can’t believe some of the shit you allow out there.  All of my posts have been at most PG-13.

So, I am left scratching my head as to what the heinous thing was that I did to warrant a suspension this time?  Perhaps it’s good ol’ censorship of religious beliefs?  Which is funny because the last thing I posted was a picture saying:  ”Regardless of what your background or beliefs are, just wish people well this season.”

I suspect that now, after writing this, I won’t ever be reinstated.


I am not one to kowtow or engage in superficial ass-kissing when I am seething with anger inside.  Initially, I was calm.  I simply wanted to find out why you suspended me, get my account back, and then I would watch out for whatever behavior triggered the suspension.

However, this is idiotic.  Honestly.  I have been an avid fan and support of Twitter for 4-5 years and have brought you countless Tweeters over that time period.  And, this is the thanks I get?

I have Emailed and tweeted to @ginger, @delbius, @twitter, @support, and even @dickc. I even sent a LinkedIn connection request and InMail to Dick.


Not a single word… from anyone.

It violates all of the rules and best practices of customer service and delight that I coach with my clients.  Now, I can add this as a story to my Agile coaching for Product Owners:  ”Don’t be like Twitter.  Here’s how THEY treat people…”

Really sad.