The Life Celebration Backlog

There’s a bunch of stuff I want to do and experience before I check-out.

That sounds a little morbid, right?

Which is why I am not going to call it a “bucket list”.  I am calling it a “Life Celebration Backlog”.  It’s really an ordered list of stuff which I will periodically refine so that the highest value items at any given moment are at the top.  Much of what drives this will be accessibility and availability, not just desire.

For instance, if my work or other professional activities suddenly have an opportunity for me to visit Cape Town, South Africa, then that would jump up to the top of the list ahead of things that I would have to pay for or pursue myself.

Ultimately, there is just too much I want to do in life and a limited time to do it in.  There are some things on the list that are “must have” and others which I can live… or rather die… without.